Hola Tomorrow

HOLA TOMORROW is an international virtual community created by two friends from Barcelona, Vera and Silvia. It arose from a mutual need to share and learn together about living more sustainably.

Vera and Silvia envisioned HOLA TOMORROW as an inviting place for discussions to take place, pretty much like your living room, the cafeteria down the corner, your local bar, the beach, the park, or the streets of your city. In short, any space in which you could – as was occurring to them – have a conversation with friends, acquaintances and even strangers about the achievements, frustrations, fears and doubts of trying to lead a sustainable life.

Intrigued by how “others do it” in different parts of the world, and convinced by the power of community, Vera and Silvia launched a call to four friends from four other cities: Bordeaux, Lima, New York and Tokyo. Like they, these friends were undergoing their own transitions towards a more sustainable lifestyle. In a true spirit of sisterhood, they launched HOLA TOMORROW in February, 2020.

On HOLA TOMORROW you can learn about six people’s real and personal day-to-day experiences while trying to lead more sustainable lives. We do not intend to preach, dictate a particular way of doing things, or make value judgements (no one in the group considers themselves to be a sustainability guru or a role model). The content of the blog consists of personal experiences told by six people with an interest in leading sustainable lives within our current societies. HOLA TOMORROW seeks to be a supportive space where we can learn, share, inspire each other, and build a community of people with like-minded ideas and interests.

Thank you for being here!